Friday, 12 July 2013

SOAN Relief Fund

Let's help Boulty pay the ridiculous bill he got from the fire extinguisher debacle, and keep gig happening at one of the best DIY place in Nottingham!

Here the story:

When Diagnosis? Bastard! played at the studio, some dickheads that were not at the gig sneaked through and went inside the building, emptying some fire extinguisher and making a mess. CCTV clearly show them going through the gig, so Boulty (the guy running the studio where the gig was) is left with a £600 bill from the building management (of which £300 is bullshit admin fees, bu...t the T&C means they have him over a barrel).

This sucks and Boulty is not the kind of guy to go asking for help, so we're doing it for him. Nottingham DIY owes the man a massive debt of gratitude, I can't recall how many time Boulty bailed the 593 Collective, or one of our bands by lending equipment or whatnot, so yeah, time to payback!
Let's start getting the ball rolling, we've got a raffle coming, with prize such as some DITW, Dietpills and AOFR test presses, posters and prints from Chirs Summerlin, Tara Hill, Steve Larder, goodies from Feast of Tentacles, Viral Age, Witch Hunter, some gift vouchers from the Music Exchange, and many more etc. etc.

The tickets will go on sale at the Bong gig a Chameleon on Sunday and will be available from The Music Exchange after that

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