Sunday, 30 June 2013

Upcoming releases + Distro update

Hi, a bit of news:
I have some new releases planned/in the works.
NADIR recently recorded 5 tracks, which we are in the process of mixing/mastering. 4 of these will be released on cassette/download on VRLG in the near future. The other will probably end up on a split.

BISMUTH have recorded a heavy epic for their split with UNDERSMILE. Their song is currently being mastered and UNDERSMILE are due to record their side soon. This will be released on 12" as a co-release between VRLG and De Graanrepubliek.

BEAST AS GOD a new heavy hardcore band from Notts featuring folks from MOLOCH, DEAD IN THE WOODS, NADIR, HUFFIN' PAINT etc. are set to record a demo that will be out on VRLG as a tape/download.

There are a couple more things lined up for the future but more on those in good time.

I managed to grab a couple of copies each of BONG: MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI and LOBSTER PRIEST: CRUCIAL TRADING LP's for the distro too. Please have a look and maybe pick up some bits to help me fund these new releases.

Thanks for the support.

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