Friday, 22 April 2011


The Endless Grinning Skulls LP is now available to order.

Endless Grinning Skulls take influences from the early 80's anarcho punk scene mixed with international d-beat/hardcore influences to create a brutal and direct sound. The LP consists of 10 tracks and comes in a foldout poster sleeve.

Pressing Info:
300 copies, black vinyl.
40 TP's (10 rejected)
Label and band copies come with extra inserts of artwork based on the lyrics. There are various designs that are randomly put into the records. A handful have recycled pink inner bags with a VRLG stamp.

£8 in person
£11 ppd UK
£13 ppd Europe
£16 Rest of the world

paypal thrash_cowboy AT hotmail DOT com

There will be copies in various distros soon.

Up next: Dead in the Woods tape (VRLG-02)