Saturday, 29 September 2018

VRLG 13: Bloody Head LP out now
After loads of delays the Bloody Head LP is finally out! 5(6) tracks of primal punk dirge/existential terror. Recorded one afternoon at SOAN and mastered at Plotkinworks. The covers expertly block printed by The Print Project and feature some awesome/sick artwork by long time BH collaborator/minister of propaganda Vincent Ramirez Price. There are a few different color covers. Mailorder copies are either white or grey. Forever Records in Nottingham have some very limited green covers (exclusive to the shop) and some brown covers with bronze print only available from me in person at a BH gig or if I have my distro with me.

Copies are £10 each


'Jesus the cave man once claimed “The Freaks shall inherit the earth”, but as king freak Larry Lifeless noted “Jesus was dumb”. When the bombs drop everyone knows it will really be the social media creatives. Year zero 2.0 but with more enamel pin badges and coffee mugs to flog to the cockroaches.
The Johnny come lately oligarch pimps will be on the last nuclear sub out of Phuket while you’re left on the beach being done up the coconut by Pol Pothead. 
Your head’s in the clouds and your cock’s in the frying pan buddy. 
Not so much “If the only tool you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail”, more like when the only thing you own is a butt plug then the world probably looks like a whole lotta tight arseholes. 
Is Armin Meiwes a new age philanthropist? The female eunuch with its balls in a meat grinder? 
Or has the monkey finally divorced the organ and signed up on Grindr?
Will this record appeal to your  narcissist instagram model girlfriend? Would Vlad tepes be impaling his enemy’s with selfie sticks? Would that make a good enamel pin badge?'

Vincent Ramirez Price - Thailand, 2018