Monday, 28 January 2013

Distro update - Nottingham

I'm really happy to have copies of 2 brand new releases from some good friends of mine, both from Nottingham.

First up is the NACHT UND NEBEL/W>A>S>P>S split 7". Nacht Und Nebel is the solo noise project of Henry Davies (Moloch/AOFR/DITW/Nadir) After a slew of CDr and Cassette releases here is the first vinyl outing for Nacht Und Nebel. 3 short dark soundscapes, created from heavily processed cello loops and decaying electronics. On the flip side w>a>s>p>s presents 1 track of brutally heavy bass surf wall and electricity shock.

Secondly is the new GUILTY PARENTS - 'NORO' tape. Guilty Parents play blown out, noisy, dirty, psychedelic punk. Trying to compare these guys to other bands would be pointless as they have a sound all of their own. At times catchy and rocking, at times brooding and dissonant. Always killer. Mucus green tape with 4 new tracks plus remix by Patrick Milsom.

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