Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Distro Update

A few more new additions to the distro:
DRY HEAVES - s/t £3
Killer snotty hardcore from Sheffield. Think Circle Jerks/Adolescents. Yellow vinyl.

MANGLE = Leicester powerviolence. Really raw and gloomy sounding, like THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE meets NOOTHGRUSH.
SUFFERINFUCK = Grind violence from Scotland. Somewhere between DESPISE YOU, HELLNATION and CROSSED OUT.

Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan - BLOT OUT THE WORTHLESS SUN £10
A difficult record to describe, but it is absolutely killer! Space crust? At the core it is vaguely crusty hardcore, that reminds me of bands like LOOK BACK AND LAUGH (Including scathing female vocals) but with loads of crazy noise elements and psychedelic guitar leads. Loads going on here. Maybe not for everyone but if you 'get it' you will love it (like me). Lovely clear blue vinyl.

Amazing occult doom/sludge from france. Reminds me a lot of ELECTRIC WIARD with some upbeat sections reminicent of CHURCH OF MISERY/early SLEEP. But the whole things has a lot of atmosphere, enhanced by brilliant use of organ and samples. Comes in a really nice digipack cover. Recommended.

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