Monday, 2 January 2012

1 in 12 Benefit Compilation

Bit late posting this but EGS have a track on a digital download complation the proceeds of which will go to help the 1 in 12 club.

1 in 12 Benefit Compilation

Loads of rare and exclusive stuff. You get Endless Grinning Skulls, drainland, Moloch, Pine Barrens, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Mob Rules, Volition, Burnt Cross, Dead In The Woods, Tide Of Iron, Closure, Regimes, Grace, a.P.A.t.T., Bulletridden, Redrighthand, The Process, Lich, Cracked Cop Skulls, Army Of Flying Robots, The Day Man Lost, Unquiet Grave, Jinn, Queer Coven, Field Boss, War Party and State Icons

Please check it out.

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